Friday, November 14, 2014

Do You Re-Read Favorite Books

I'm currently re-reading Women Who
Run With the Wolves.  Checked it out of the library today for a bit of light reading (just call me Hermione). 

I've always had a fascination  for Faeirytales. They  teach us,  if we pay attention, about life.

Author, Jungian analyst, storyteller, and true  cantadore, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, explores the female psyche in this book.

I believe that all the characters are aspects of ourselves. We are all of them: the miller's daughter, the miller, the king, the faithful servant, the baby, and Rumpelstiltskin.  

And too, we are the straw and the gold.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Witch on a Witch Hunt (nanowrimo excerpt)

I've been working on my NanoWriMo novel in process, Witch on a Witch Hunt, and too busy to think about 277c5-cover2bjpeg2bwitch2bon2bwitch2bhuntmy Blog, so I'm posting a small excerpt. Critiques welcome.

They drove away in silence.  James driving and Jade deep in her own thoughts wondered how Chadak fit in and was startled by her thought.  Chadak.  Chadak?  Why had his name come to mind?  Bits and pieces of whispered conversations from her youth drifted unbidden to the surface of her mind. 

"Unnatural, they are - evil.  They play with life as if it has no meaning and she was playing with that dark child of hers."

"Shhhh, she'll hear."

"No, she sleeps.  She must leave here soon"

"But, she's so young, she's my baby, her father will be devastated.  Surely they are no threat."

"I have spoken, it is law, and you have known the day would come.  Jadeah has reached the age of reason.  It is time, and not a moment too soon."

"Yes, Nana.  When?"

"Soon.  soon.  She is strong and she bested him.  Would you risk her life to the ire of those without conscience?  No, - not yet.  It is too soon.  She is better at the School.  It is time."

"But Nana, you're strong, you're on the Council.  Why do you fear Morana and this boy of hers?"

"Fear? No, child.   I know her and knowing her and her kind, I prepare me and mine and protect them from the dark side.  That boy is but a child, but a child raised in the dark is destined to walk dark paths.  ‘As the twig is bent...'  Ask me no more.  To speak of evil feeds its power."

James's stared at the road and mulled over the interviews at the university.  This Kane wasn't really intimately known by anyone.  He was a loner.  He spurned social invitations.  None of his colleagues knew what his experiments were about.  They could only point to his published papers.  James would review those tonight.  He glanced aside at Jade sitting beside him.  A small crease above and between her eyes were the only signs that some deep thought disturbed her.  "What is it, Jade?"

"Hmm?  Oh, sorry, I was a million miles away.  Did you find anything out at the University?  How does research on nanotechnology fit in?  I reviewed all his papers.  The possibilities are endless if his theories are correct."

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Do You Do When You Have A Cold

I've got another cold and I always resort to the old tried and true 4.

1.  Does chicken soup cure the common cold?  No, but it sure eases the symptoms.  One Mayo clinic study I read years ago found that it promoted the flow of phlegm so ridding the body of the virus quicker.  I’ve had a crockpot of it going for 2 days now and I’ve been sipping the broth throughout the day and replenishing the broth in the pot.

An hour before supper, I might add some vegetables, more onions, more garlic and turn it up before actually serving myself more than just the broth.

Chicken SoupBrown some chicken parts bone-in (Thighs, legs, wings…)
Add 1 chopped onion and sauté til golden
Add 3-4 smashed and finely minced garlic cloves and sauté a few minutes (don’t brown)
Add spices and stir briefly (cinnamon, salt, pepper, cumin, dash of cayenne, and a bay leaf)
Immediately deglaze pot with white wine, vermouth, or chicken broth and water to fill pot.
Add favorite veggies only an hour before a meal, if you want so they'll be a dente and not mush.
Simmer til done.

2. Does a hot toddie cure the common cold?  No, but it also eases the symptoms and I personally believe it speeds recovery.  My earliest memory of this particular remedy goes back to early childhood. 

Hot Toddie
1 hot whiskey
Juice of one lemon
1 generous tablespoon of honey
8-12 ounces of boiling water or tea.

Sip slowly, then wrap up warmly and go to sleep. As a child, I assure you I went to sleep and woke up wet from sweat and ready to go to school.  As I’ve grown older, it takes 2-3 such toddies to, but the effect is the same.

3. Do you really have to drink so many fluids and why?  Yes you do and the reasons are many.  The body loses fluids in a variety of ways: constant blowing of nose, fever and sweating, mouth-breathing. Remember teas are okay if herbal and not diuretic - water is the best.  Flavor it with some juice concentrates, or stir in some frozen OJ or Apple Juice.

4. Does the adage starve a cold, feed a fever have any merit?  I know that feeding a fever makes sense as we’re burning more calories.  But the starve a cold part probably comes from the fact that appetite disappears when you have a cold, or at least mine does.  I notice I eat less and on the upside, I drop a few pounds.  This close to the over-indulgent holidays, that’s a welcome reward for surviving the cold.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Are you the Heroine of Your Story?

“Write in recollection and amazement for yourself.” – Jack Kerouac

Who hasn’t read On the Road? Kerouac understood, as I hope you do, that each of us is the hero, in my case heroine, of our own story. My journal is my book, and sometimes in recollection, I am truly amazed.

simple notebook pen
soliloquy on the page
journal diary

a day once removed
to march cadence on blue lines
fill each empty page

siphoning angst hurt
experience clears the mind
for new adventure

My journal is the running memoir of my life, my confidant, my Wailing Wall, canvas for creative thoughts, and so much more.