Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for Nature’s Nascent Nacre

Day 14 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is N
N is for Nature’s Nascent Nacre

nascent nacre balm
a creature’s comfort failing is
man’s unlikely gem

© Perle Champion

Nature’s Nascent Nacre, is a balm that provides some short-lived ease to the oyster while it lives.  Unfortunately, as with many of nature’s wonders, man put a price on the unlikely gems, and killed to find their prize.

Now that pearls are farmed, it’s perhaps a bit more humane, than murdering thousands to find very few natural pearls, but not much. (see PETA excerpt below)

© Perle Champion

This from Peta:
Culturing involves surgically opening each oyster shell and inserting an irritant in the oyster. Freshwater pearls are cultured by inserting another oyster’s mantle tissue. Saltwater pearls have beads and another oyster’s mollusk tissue inserted. Fewer than half of the oysters may survive this process.
Cultivators further stress the oysters by suspending them in water in a cage, washing their shells, moving them around in different waters, and raising and lowering their cages to subject them to changing water temperatures. 
After the pearls are extracted from the oysters, one-third of oysters are “recycled” and put through the culturing process again. The others are killed and discarded.
For those concerned about the environment, there is another reason to avoid pearls. Aquaculture has contributed to destruction of natural pearl oyster beds from pollution and over harvesting.
Of course, with so many modern pearl imitations, as well as other kinds of jewelry, it’s easy to do. 

without pearls.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Meridies & Mass Malaise

Day 13 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is M

M is for Meridies & Mass Malaise

meridies hidden
‘neath a cloak of mass malaise
shrouded souls cower

© Perle Champion

Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Luminous Ley Lines

Day 13 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is L L is for Luminous Ley Lines

ley lines luminous
strands that lie across the land
nature’s subtle weave

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday and Spring is Sprung at Last

Spring is a season that evokes expectations and its delay has been keenly felt.  Life appears to have been on hold as Winter would not release its grip even this far south. But the dark lord has at last relented and once again: 

Persephone preens
impatient to climb the stair
to sunshine and air 

I'm ready, too. The lengthening days tease me with the promise of green growing things held tight in the bud.