Thursday, January 26, 2017

How do I Reboot My Blog?

I realized I've been absent from this Blog since May. It's been a strange six months with the death of friends, a highly contested election. But, Wow! Although I haven't been blogging on the blog, I've been on social media, but mostly on my Iphone.  That said, I have been micro blogging via Instagram. Although I still write (yes by hand) in my journal, I 've somehow grown accustomed to typing quickly with a finger or two or a thumb in my phone's Notes pad. 

I then cut and paste into Instagram with a photo and voila, I've posted there along with Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler with one press of the share button.  Color me lazy. Haven't figured out how to get it to post to either of my Blogs yet.  

I've also been in my studio painting.  But with that too, it's easier to take a quick Iphone pic and then upload on Instagram with a mini Bloggy post. The painting on the right sold almost as soon as I posted it. Loved it so much I'm going to do a series on the theme of Windows to other worlds.

I've also been cooking and sharing pictures and recipes of the result, but and again instead of Blogging it as I used to do, it goes straight to Instagram. And as always, Jazzmine expects a bite of whatever I'm eating.

Now with a new year before me, and this most contested election behind me, I've decided to actually sit at my actual PC or alternately my Surface Tablet and post here at least once a week for starters. 

Pretty much everywhere on social media I am Perle Champion.  But on Instagram I went with Perlesrose if anyone wants to follow me there. There's an inside story to that handle. It is shortening of Perle alias Rose. Maybe I'll tell it someday. ( )  

I'm trying to do a painting a day for a while, until I get in the habit.  The below book help put me on the track.