Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Before Summer Ended, Did You

Walk barefoot in the grass

Smell every flower you passed

Walk in the rain

Catch raindrops on your tongue

Jump in every puddle you saw

Run through sprinklers

Go to the children’s playground

Swing on the swings

Go down the slide

Sing in the shower

Sing in the car

Sing in the rain

Sing loud


Dance to the radio

Dance with your husband/friend

Dance by yourself

Dance in the rain


Smile for no reason

Give your full attention to a sunrise

Give your full attention to a sunset

Go on a picnic at the beach, the park or in the back yard

Read aloud to another, let them read to you

Go to an amusement park and ride all the thrill rides

Go fishing.

Make homemade ice cream in a Ziploc bag.

Sit outside and sip iced tea.

Make fresh lemonade.

Catch fireflies the let them go

Take pictures of everything

Join FaceBook and share your thoughts and pictures

Eat watermelon outside, and let the juice run all over the place!

Bite into a ripe tomato fresh from the vine

Paint your toenails.

Paint a picture of what summer means to you.

Lay under a tree and watch the wind in the branches

Climb the tree

Watch clouds

Watch stars

Write a letter to an old friend

Keep a gratitude journal

Keep a sanity journal

Keep a journal