Saturday, November 10, 2007


Walking at six on a Saturday morning is pleasant especially now that the air is cool and crisp. Summer’s finally loosed her hold on Birmingham. Its miasmal humidity is now heavy dewdrops strewing diadems on leaves, fading blossoms, and blades of grass.

Most of my neighbor’s windows are still dark; it appears that I am the only witness to the day’s dawning. As the sun lifts night’s veil from the city, I walk out my door and turn northeast on 14th Avenue toward the part of town we call Southside. There are houses, apartments, small businesses, the SouthSide Police precinct, a wonderful old house restored and housing a B&B, restaurants, and more.

At 21st way, I turn left down Highland past the Western grocery store where I’ll stop on the backside of my walk and pick up coffee beans and maybe a decadent breakfast of bacon biscuit and grits. Five miles takes me by silent offices of attorneys and architects; churches and synagogues; restaurants cleaning up from the night before and Starbucks just opening to a waiting crowd and putting out the outdoor tables; people running themselves or walking their dogs; the Golden Temple Health store receiving goods through a darkened door; the post office with a single light on in the back where a few postal workers sort the day’s mail.

When I crossed over red mountain expressway, I looked down on the few cars of souls that either work on Saturday or are just getting off and going home. The sound of cars recedes to a soft surf-like sound, as I leave the overpass behind and head for home.

The sky is blue and the fall sun is politely warm knowing winter is just around the bend, and no longer can he beat on us unmercifully. To each season…

Home, up the stairs and put the coffee on, a quick shower and then a little time on my balcony porch swing to contemplate my blessings, pat cat and write a while in my journal…

Life is good.

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