Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blogging for Money

Blogs. Some people make money at them. The thing about my Blog is it is a briefer version of my hand-written journal. My rambles on the page are better not aired to the world at large. Not that even a minuscule number of the world has read my Blog, but one never knows. My full name is unique and ‘Googled’, it brings up pretty much everything I’ve ever written on or off the web and some I know I erased.

The thing about Blogs is they should have a focus, and mine, alas, does not. Except for those know me and stop by just because, my Blog is obscure to the population at large.

The thing is, I’m a “Jack (make that Jane) of all…”. My interests range from quantum physics, Wicca, self help and biographies people, places and things to various genre of fiction: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Literary. My bookshelf is quite a mix. I’ve read the Self Aware Universe, The Elegant Universe, Spontaneous Healing of Belief, The Secret, and The Chariots of the Gods. I’ve read Amsterdam, Chocolat, Mother of Pearl, Mists of Avalon, The Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring, and Foundation (Asimov) series and so much more. In May 2007, laid off from Saks, I read all 12 of Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series and all 11 of Laurie King’s Mary Russell series before year’s end.

It is the same with music. This morning I have Habib Koite’s “Maya” coaxing my muse. Sunday, it was Pavarotti and Bocelli followed by Nina Simone. My CD shelf is a mixed as my bookshelf, but you get the picture. I am not just one thing, so I’ll probably never have one of those money-making Blogs. Those Blogs, near as I can figure, make money by teaching others how to make money Blogging by in turn teaching others how to make money Blogging and so on and so on. The ultimate pyramid, except your payment to your up-line is a one-time deal.

At least with SMC, Nutrilife, and Amway, there is something tangible, for all those who pay to learn the how-to of it, but never do get a round to it.

Now it's time to go work on the Novel.

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