Sunday, May 17, 2009

Walking in the Rain, Jumping in Puddles.

I walked in the rain this morning to get my Sunday paper; jumped in puddles; caught raindrops on my tongue. I got thoroughly wet except my feet. Had on my LL Bean Duck boots/Maine hunting boots - you know the ones I mean. They are a god-awful orange and murky blue with gum soles, but do they ever keep your feet dry. It’s a love/hate thing.

I’ve never been hunting, never will unless civilization falls and I’m in dire need of food, but I’ve worn those boots in the rain and in the snow. If my feet are warm and dry, I feel invincible in any weather.

Mama always said if your feet get wet, put water on your head, so I imagine the reverse is true. Rather than wet my feet, I jumped in a steamy shower and got wet all over, while the coffee pot worked its magic. Outside, it’s a chill 54 and still raining. I sit curled into a corner of the couch by the window. Still warm from the shower, wrapped neck to ankle in my thick, black Victoria Secret robe; Jazmine lounges on the leopard throw; the Sunday news waits for me to hit post and put my laptop aside, and a steaming cup of spicy coffee is close at hand........ phone's ringing - Sunday 'mom call' - post later.

I love Sundays.


T.K. Thorne said...

Your site is beautiful. LOL, my orange tabby, Galaxy, is curled beside me as I type, much to the puppy's dismay.

Love the way you've created the feeling of being there with you. I can smell that coffee and in the winter post, I wanted to taste those beans.

You should let us (FB) know when you post.


Love your colorful blog!

MMK said...

I enjoyed your comments on Vibrant Nation regarding the Mayan 2012 "happenings"! I thought "this person would be a neat friend - one to meet for an occasional lunch and mull over such topics and books!" I am missing a friend who did just that and recently moved!! Then I clicked your profile and it led me to your blog. I am an artist - creative too. I live in Atlanta with my family and at this point in life spend most of my time chasing and hauling 3 teens around (boring, but necessary). My friend just moved to Birmingham!! I am in the NE suburbs of Atlanta. I have a black kitty like yours - a rescue, along with FIVE others (also rescue)! Just wanted to write and connect and tell you how much I enjoyed your comments and your blog! Marla