Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Material Girl Moment

Santa Baby, All I want for Christmas are:
a red leather bag
a red silk nightgown
a red silk camisole
anything silk
anything with 4-wheel drive
crocodile pumps
crocodile loafers
anything crocodile
another pair of loop earrings
black cowboy boots
a big, black velvet rose
a sleeveless little black velvet dress
black high tops
a black leather mini
anything black, really anything
a small convertible
a white cotton slip
a white denim jacket
a white denim skirt with a slit
anything denim – white denim
a treadmill
a spa membership
yoga classes
a personal trainer
lots of books
gift card for lots of books
a diamond ring for my right hand
a magnum of champagne
a diamond ring for any hand
real pearls
real black pearls
a dozen gold chains
a retro watch
an antique jewelry box
antique jewelry
anything antique
anything suede
a cameo or two or six
ballroom dancing lessons
a country house
a country house at the beach
any house at any beach
a maid
not just any kind
a long red skirt
a long red coat
anything red
claret red
a good camera
all new makeup
a makeover
another cat
another black cat
red hair
long red hair
lots of snow
a blizzard of snow... “

1 comment:

Cindy La Ferle said...

What a wonderful, vivid poem! I love the way you worked in so many gorgeous items -- many things I would love to own too! Cheers!