Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Soy to the World

My morning coffee is a daily ritual. In summer, I have it iced, but in winter I serve it so hot a scorched tongue is a real possibility. A lot of people have their morning coffee with cream or flavored with various artificial things, or black which is my preference except for my first cup.

My first cup is where I get my daily dose of soymilk. I hate soymilk, so why drink it? Well, it is supposedly good for women of a certain age, and I try to do some things that are good for me, so I can get away with the things they say are bad for me. (I’m not sure who they are).

But I hate soymilk, so I experimented and found the solution –S
ilk’s chocolate soymilk added to my morning coffee is like drinking coffee flavored chocolate. Now, I could have just poured it in and stirred, but I wanted something special. I took a page from the Mayans who added hot peppers to their chocolate, which by the way was brewed in water not milk – coffee is just hot brown water. Voila! I’ve made my own caffeinated ambrosia.

I grind my beans and measure into the filter,
sprinkle 3 or more dashes of cayenne and 3 or more dashes of cinnamon on top of the grounds then put the pot on to brew. I pour the chocolate soymilk into my cup before hitting the shower or on colder days put it in a small saucepan to heat.

I love cayenne. They say capsaicin (the heat in hot peppers) is addictive; it triggers the endorphins. I believe it. I put cayenne on and in pretty much everything.

Soymilk is another thing, but as I said, it’s supposed to be good for women of a certain age. Silk’s saving grace is the chocolate in their soymilk – real Dutch process cocoa There are few things chocolate – real chocolate - I would turn down.

© Perle Champion

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