Friday, February 5, 2010

Art - It's Low-Cal and Lasts Longer Than Roses.

I've delivered all my art pieces to Daniel Day Gallery for their 'Hearts O' Plenty opening tonight.
The pieces are small desktop/tabletop paintings: Lovers By the Light of the Moon on one side and a large heart on the other side ready for you to pen your own message.
I love to paint on rescued wood and constantly haunt construction site trash heaps for good pieces of wood in all shape and sizes.
These particular pieces are courtesy of my sister who installed a new staircase in her Atlanta home. The crew was going to toss these unique standing triangular pieces of wood, so she had them boxed and hauled them to Birmingham in her SUV.

I thought I'd do a themed grouping appropriate for giving as a Valentine. Hence, the title 'By the Light of the Moon'.

There will be other artists doing themed work, and there will be a variety of other art, jewelry, crafts, clothing, etc.

Opening is at 6:30, Daniel Day Gallery, 3025 6th Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama. At 9:00, the band starts up and the gallery will remain open until the last folks leave. 
I'm hoping a lot of folks agree we me, that art makes the perfect gift for themselves and their significant other.


It's low-cal

lasts longer
 than roses.

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