Monday, April 5, 2010

Blue Lights are Special

My neighbor, Mark, and I agreed to leave our blue christmas lights up until they died - I hope they last for years.  It is so pleasant to come home late at night and see the gentle blue glow from our respective balconies - I'm top left; he's top right.

Bottom left, is Ms. Louis. She's a 75 year old black lady who sits for various, and I'll quote her here, "rich ole white women in Mountain Brook". The day I moved in and introduced myself, she called me Ms. Perle.  I have since I call her Ms. Louise. She tends to talk to herself a lot and single various church hymns as she goes to and from the yard and the car. I never see any lights on in her place, so I can only assume she rises and retires with the sun.

Bottom right are the nurses, a mother and daughter.  There's always a porch light on here front and back, as they work all sort of shifts at UAB Medical center. 

As renters, we couldn't have landed in a better place. The landlord fixes everything within a day of notice, if not the very day.  We have off-street parking which even some of the homeowners in the neighborhood do not.  No one blasts tv or music,

Mark & I are both artists with day jobs, or at least we were until I got laid off.  I'm now going full out on freelance writing, painting, editing, etc. - anything to bring in the $$$. We compare notes and critique each other's work.  I wish we had another writer in the building, but I have to be content with a few on-line buds there.  Can't have everything.

Right now I'm taking a break from critiquing three e-books for a Florida publisher.  They're due next week, but I'll be finished by Friday.  Sooner in the sooner paid.  I've read that a blog should be consistently posted and I've been anything but in my postings. 

The weather is still so temperate, and sitting here working on the laptop by the open window that opens onto the balcony hardly feels like working.  The trees are leafing out, and traffic is only just beginning to pick up below. I can hardly tell the blue lights are one for the brightness of the day.

But tonight, I look forward to swinging on the porch swing, sipping a glass of wine, surround on three sides by their soft blue aura.

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