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Seti's Chronicles 2012 – Seti, Sister to Glinda.

Excerpt from Work in Progress: Seti's Chronicles - Surviving 2012

Before I could recover, a woman ran up to me and thrust her 3-year-old child into my arms shouting above the mayhem, "You're one of them; you’re one of the Witches; you'll survive; take her, keep her safe."  Then she fled in tears looking back only once to shout.  "Her name is Constance.  Tell her, her mother was Darea and loved her enough to leave her with you. 

Stunned and momentarily rooted to the ground, I watched the woman run into the chaos that was the street.  I shook it off and turned to Kiri as the next shock hit.  The Earth began to shake more violently; the buildings across the street swayed sickeningly and their once sturdy walls became a terrible rain of shattered glass and hail of bricks on those below. 
Holding a whimpering child I, along with and Kiri, found ourselves suddenly sitting and grasping some still green blades of grass to steady us upon the buckling ground.  I voiced what we both knew.  "It has begun in earnest now, and time is dear.  We have to move fast."  The shaking stopped as if on cue, and Earth's roar was replaced by panicked humanity.  "This is just a dress rehearsal, Kiri.  We haven't a moment to lose."

Darea had watched the witches often as they came and went.  She followed them hoping to find out where they went.  The one called Seti always had a kind word, a smile and a wink for Constance that caused the child to giggle as she tried to wink back by closing her big blue eyes tight shut then opening them wide again. 

Seti felt the woman’s, thoughts in the distance as she watched and waited to flee into some subterranean subway shelter, but not until she saw the two witches disappear with her precious girl. Yes, the witch would take care of her little Connie, and now she could live or die knowing her baby was safe.

I shook myself to awareness, smiled at the now quiet child winked at her and said "So be it."  Meeting Kiri eye to eye and mind to mind, we disapperated, and I felt Darea’s satisfied smile.

In moments we stood in the stone hall of the School.  I shook the fog of psi-travel from my head and gazed down at the red-haired child in my arms. "You don't seem the least bit afraid.  You'll be safe here."  Seti had imprinted the mothers mind on her own, so she could find her later.  The brief mind touch told her the woman could and possibly would survive the Fall.  "Time enough for that later,"  she muttered to no one in particular.

Setting the child down, she promptly grasped and held on to my hem.  The childish thought reached us both before the voice could speak, "I'm Constance; mommy said you're Glinda's sister and will take care of me like Dorothy."

"Glinda?"  "Oh, Dorothy's good witch of the North.  Yes," she reassured the child, "you could say I'm Glinda's sister.  We are all Glinda's sisters here.  Mind, and go with sister Alece now.  She handed the child off to the keeper of the youngest children.  Constance's lips pursed to protest, but the look in Seti's eyes warned against it and the warmth flooding into her from Alece's touch invited her and promised good things.  She went quietly looking over her shoulder at me surrounded by her sisters and already giving orders. 

Thoughts had already been flying at light speed, broadcast to all in the room and those far beyond it’s walls.  "Those who aren’t at their appointed places; go NOW.  Join minds and forces and do what must be done to save what can be saved.  HOLD! Hold fast until you receive the all clear, of perish.  The Fall is upon us." 

Many died, many more did not.  That was 10 days ago.   but it really began in 1985, when I was 17, self centered and totally unaware of what was in store fore me.

That girl, that Seti, this is her story and the story leading up to the Fall.
© Perle Champion

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