Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Perfect Beginning to a Perfect Day

A perfect day, yesterday.  My morning pages had fallen by the wayside along with everything else in the 6 months at Mom's since the fire.  I wrote a few blogs about the fire, but I've so much more in me that could not be committed to public view.

I finally decided that the only way to get reacquainted with the pages was to leave the apartment and camp out like I used to do at the old Mill in the 5-points - back when they opened at 6 for breakfast.

This Monday, I chose Demetri's in Homewood.  I got there a little before 7 for breakfast, and didn't leave my little table by the window until somewhere after 9.

Wonderful waitress, Judy.  Good food that would have been perfect had there been 'real' butter for my grits and toast.  The over-egg was perfectly turned w/o a crispy edge in sight, the bacon was delightfully aromatic and crisp enough to crumble into the grits and egg yolk, and the piece d' resistance - a bottomless cup of steaming hot coffee.  But, no real butter, sigh.  There's no such thing as 'better than butter'.  Give me the real thing, or no thing.

But I was there to write and write I did, accompanied by a bottomless cup of coffee and the swirl of amiable conversation around me.  People who all seemed to know each other and talked from table across to table.  The two women in the booth by the front windows who loved my hat and told me so, the elegantly dressed 95 year-old couple who held hands coming and going...

I'll probably go back to Demetri's , but I'll bring a dab of my own butter.  It's not always the food that draws me, but a level of comfort.  Judy was not concerned with turning tables, but giving good service - how refreshing.

Tomorrow - Perfect Day Part 2

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