Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just things

things pass from knowledge
the ways, calendars, ciphers
the truths of a time

without a context
just artifacts dug from dirt
puzzles to our eyes


michelle said...

Wow! I love this... makes me think that nothing lasts forever... it's here for a season, then it's gone... replaced by the newer, current trend/craze/fashion/fad... even words and language change... evolve...
That is why I truly believe that change is inevitable... yet it seems ingrained in human nature to resist it, instead of embracing it and dealing with it by making appropriate choices!
It's all about choice! (sorry for the rant...)
Just my thoughts...

Perle said...

Enjoyed the rant. All true. The poem's intent was to voice my perspective to our brief incarnations in any era. Even the famous will one day fall out of memory.