Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Journal - A Conversation with Myself

I’ve put a fresh spiral notebook between the red leather covers of that which is my journal. Through most of my days, my journal is my lifeline, my confidant, sometimes my very sanity. Somehow, committing my life’s trials to the page are my salvation. On the page, I can view my life more objectively; on the page, it is something I can ponder but not dwell upon. Somehow, it is once removed and lends me however briefly a certain objectivity.

If I can offer you one thing to add to your resolutions, it is this. Keep a journal Once a day, put pen to page and write whatever comes to mind, what you are grateful for, what bothers you, what you want from days to come. Turn off all the outside noise: TV, phone, radio, ipod, computer.
Take a little time to have a conversation with yourself. Go back and read what you have written and get a little insight into this unique person that is you – you might surprise and amaze yourself at who you really are.
Happy 2008.

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