Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who Am I Today - Pick a Card, Any Card.

I found a cache of business cards at the bottom of a desk drawer as I dug for a red editing pen. I was amazed at how many there were. After adding my last corporate card from Saks Incorporated and my newest Perle’s Ink card, they totaled ten and these are only the ones I saved. I’ve worked for myself and for others since age 17, but still ten cards in 41 years seems alot.

Whether I moved or was downsized, I’d immediately sign up with various temporary agencies. I usually had an assignment within a day or two at most. My skill set and work ethic always resulted in permanent job offers. I am able to enter any workplace and own the job; I do whatever the job requires, as if I’d been with that company for years. It’s a gift that serves me in any job market.

Having been downsized yet again last May, I have taken some time off to write, paint and reflect. However, as my writing is not yet bringing in as much as I’m spending, I’ve put out the word that I’m available. I have several calls to return the first week in January.

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