Friday, June 24, 2011

The Museum Throws the Best Parties in Town.

One of the best parties in town was at the Birmingham Museum of Art last night – world class show and a venue that appeals to all ages.  Last night the ages ranged from the very young to the very old – all there for “Who Shot Rock and Roll”. 
The author, Gail Buckland, was somewhat overwhelmed by the crowd in the Steiner Auditorium for her book talk – seats all taken, the crowd stood all around and filled the steps in the aisles.  She started off a little like she was reading from a script, but soon hit her stride, and it was like listening to someone who knew someone you wish you knew.  All the little insider stories she told us that went on behind the photo shoots of some of the most famous icons of rock and roll gave the actual photographs greater context.

As she was wrapping up, I heard the band crank up upstairs on the mezzanine level and slipped out – hopefully unnoticed.  I always sit at the back so chances are no perceived insult to the author there. 
The tables were laden with food and no line, same at the bar.  Fortified with a glass of wine, a bite of fried okra (omg), and a BBQ slider, I climbed to the next level for the show.  There's was no way to appreciate it all.  I’ll have to go back a few times to absorb it all.  These photos are not paparazzi invasions of privacy, these are photos taken with the artists permission.  No deer in the headlights here.  Is it art – yes and more.  I’ve always loved the still photograph and particularly the black and white ones.  These frozen moments of time tell small stories, without having to compete with color. 

Back downstairs to the food and drink, I mingled with people I knew and people I didn’t except to share a table with or sit a moment the white couches of Elvis Lane.  I ended up at a table by the bandstand 5 steps away from the bar with an occasional foray onto the dance floor – I so hope no one got a picture of that.

Without a doubt, my museum membership gives me the most bang for my buck.  They throw the best parties in town:  Art, lecture, food, wine, music - it doesn't get any better than that. 

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