Friday, August 5, 2011

Roses - a Memory of Mark Roberts

Roses - 4/14/11 Journal - PepperPlace Market
I got teary when I saw the pewter rose at Charlie Thigpen’s Garden Shop this morning. I bought it.  Now I just need to replace my Robert Taylor Rose.

I remember when I paired the plain $14 gray metal rose with the much more expensive, one-of-a-kind handcrafted copper rose that Robert Taylor made. 

Mark came over from across the hall beer in hand - one for me, one for him - for critique and conversation (a ritual we shared for his art and mine).  He took a sip then cocked his head and nodded his approval of the arrangement.  The green vase full of Mardi Gras beads, the two roses, some black Christmas floral from Z Gallery and 2 of my magic wands.

Roses - 4/30/11 - Journal - Magic City Art Connection

I knew Robert Taylor would be at the Magic City Art Connection.  He was, and he had one rose left.  We chatted.  He had heard about the fire, and I told him the rose was stolen from the wreckage before I could rescue it and I was here to replace it.

Roses - 7/30/11 Journal - 10th Place Aerie

Saturday night and I'm in the new apartment. I've driven Mother home after a long day of waiting for movers, moving, and unpacking.  The living room was in place before I left to drive her home except for the most important part - the roses. I no longer have the green vase - stolen like the first pair of roses- during that day just after the fire when I could not bear to climb those stairs one more time.  So, the dollar vase from the Salvation Army will have to do - I've placed the roses in the center and filled it with  to the brim with Mardi Gras beads.

So, I've replaced the roses. At Christmas I’ll see if the black ornaments are restocked, the wands I don't know, the peripherals don't  matter much.  

It is the roses that take me back to that day.  It is the roses that jar memory of one of the sweetest friends I've ever had. I only wish Mark were here to share a beer and critique my new arrangement of roses and my new digs - I think he'd approve.

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