Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Building Memories

Christmas morning. Mom called and reminded me I promised to come to breakfast. Ed (sister’s husband) is cooking his special egg bake on a bed of spinach a la Ed. ‘Don’t forget the meat thermometer you promised’ are her final words before hanging up. I throw on jeans and a presentable shirt, add water to my bed-head hair, and fortunately I know that Walgreen’s on Green Springs Hwy is open. I cross my fingers and go tearing in there on the way. The manager smiles and walks me to the item and then walks me back to check me out at the camera counter away from the main line up front with 20 people doing the last minute thing. Whew, I’m on my way.

Right now, I'm caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas in a large family, and perhaps I don't appreciate it as much as I should. I know from experience, that someday I will. Later in 2008, I’ll look back as I have in years past, and this time I’m dashing through will glow brightly along with all the years that came before.

Ah, memory! Thy lens is rose and shows us what we might have missed as we hied us from each precious present.

Below pix from last nights Christmas Eve Gathering. My great niece Kiersten underMom's tree.

My Sister Barbara and Husband Ed at Table.

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