Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Storm is Come

She heard the footfall of war on the horizon.
The ancient call to battle long a hidden heartbeat of human
intolerance rising to crescendo now
become a discordant roar shaking the very earth that holds us.
Soon, too soon, the time was upon her
She could only hope their preparations were enough
to save them from total destruction by the Storm.
How often had humankind been sent back to the cave?
Through how many millennia had they picked themselves up and begun again.
She and her ken saw the signs but few heeded the warnings
now through the inertia that drives such events, the time was upon them
but she had no intention of going back to the cave.  This time
thanks to tireless, relentless planning, they might come out the other side
with enough left to prevent them losing themselves in a generation or two.
Only the sturdy, the able, the well-prepared would survive, and few enough of them,
It would have to be enough - it would have to be,
and we,
we the Wyse will be there.

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