Thursday, March 8, 2012

Writing, editing, writing, a process.

This writing a Blog a day is tough (NY resolution).  I’m not used to posting my stream of consciousness blurts. I often just write by hand stream of consciousness suppressing my internal editor. Then I input it into Word and find myself editing as I go. Then I print it out triple spaced and take a red pen to it. I’ve written 1200 words for a book review that had to be whittled down to 300-400 words. (Thank you Strunk & White). Finally, I read it aloud to myself in the mirror – Amazing that those words I thought were gems can fall so flat when read aloud.  Before I submit work to my editor, it has to have a purposeful cadence, it must be prose. But I promised myself to keep this blog a day resolution.  I’m determined to keep it up even if, as my Ken Roberts says, they are only ‘Mildly Creative’.  I just know some gems will emerge eventually.

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