Friday, November 16, 2012

No to do list on Friday

Oh my to do list
I’ve ignored you royally  
My only excuse is
Friday and pleasurable
Things  lured me away

It all started Thursday night with open house at PepperPlace.  Bought a great magnet for the fridge which at $6 dollars was a bargain as the much larger painting was $325.  Then off to Frontera's open house for great Mexican appetizers, more to drink and I found these wonderful metal crafted roses.
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This morning after a leisurely breakfast and reading on the balcony, I attended a free seminar at Hoover Library on making your dreams reality, pizza was served. Later off to Forest Park for shopping at Zoe's - got a sparkly hot pink beret.   Then to Naked Art to check out the unique Christmas ornaments. and then the best, we were off to Daniel Day Gallery for their Christmas Art show and terrific food, good conversations with friends and Sally Belle crooning on stage.

I'm with Scarlet on that to do list  'I'll think about it tomorrow. tomorrow is another day.'  Night y'all.

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