Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What is more soothing than rain on the window sill?

There is no sound so soothing as rain.  The steady drops’ rill on the window’s sill sing to me.  It is best at night before sleep comes and even better at dawn as sleep leaves.  This is when the mad dash of our lives is still.  The tide of distant traffic has ebbed or yet to flow.

It’s raining now this afternoon, and from my aerie I hear then see the passing cars sluicing down the glistening black way that is 11th Place.  Already dusk comes and the blue Christmas lights I strung this Christmas in homage to Mark Roberts on my balcony shimmer in their subtle brilliance mirrored by the clear plastic barrier against the screening that shields me, my cat and plants from winter’s elements.

The weather persons assure me, the rain will last through the night and I hope they are right.  I could wish for no sweeter lullaby.


Rolly Corvin said...

It's nice to share a pitter-patter moment with you, Perle! I also have a special bond with the rain-I get a sense of oneness with nature that engulfs me in a state of peace. Sometimes, I spell out names on moist windows. Do you do that too?

Perle said...

Thanks for kind comment. I do most of my writing in my journal, glancing now and then out the window.