Thursday, February 16, 2012

I hate it, but I’m looking. Sigh.

I love my old Dell Inspiron 750.  It’s barely 12 x 10 and goes easily from home office, to kitchen bar to balcony bistro, to couch.  But it’s 9 years old.  Yep, once upon a time they made things that lasted instead of programming to self-destruct in 2-3 years.  Alas, recently, he caught a serious bug.

I was reduced to my iPhone for answering all e-mails and worse, posting my blog.  Reading that tiny little screen and finding the tag and post buttons without inadvertently pressing something unintended was a nightmare.

The techs at Office Depot on Greensprings were amazed, not only at my Dell’s age, but that it had survived so long without catching anything.  I left him in their care on a Saturday morning and did not get him back until the following Monday.  Although I don’t log on all day everyday, I felt somehow unmoored.  It’s like you car in the shop.  It’s not that you want to go anywhere, it’s that you can’t if you wanted. Rough couple of days.

When I picked Dell up, Andrew told me, “you know you may want to consider upgrading soon.  You’ve gone this long, but it is an old computer and it’s just a matter of time before we can’t resuscitate”. 

I thanked him and went home.  I’m not sure I’m ready to trade him in just because he’s old.  I can do everything I need to do just fine. 

If an iPad were MS Word friendly for editing etc., that would be my first choice, but it’s not yet.  Couldn’t they ‘channel’ Steve Jobs – he could do it. 

I hate it, but I’m looking. Sigh.

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