Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Brats and Broken Bonds

Day 2 of Blogging from A to Z - Today's Letter is B

The bonds of friendship rely on many things, and two essentials are proximity and time.  These are two things a Brat has little of.  The reality of a Brat’s life is that so much gets left behind and can only be found in the dark corners of memory.

Only children of military parents know what it means to be a Brat.  The toll in things broken, abandoned or lost is small in comparison to the relationships, the roots yanked up over and over again worn so thin that transplantation becomes near impossible.

Pam and I were fast friends for all of 8th and part of 9th grade, but it ended the day her daddy and mine got orders to different parts of the country and we had to say goodbye.

She said out loud what I had yet to admit.  “It ends now.  I won’t write, so don’t ask me.  People always say they’ll write, and they might once or twice, but sooner or later they all fall away.  I’d just as soon do it sooner than later.  It’s easier.  So, goodbye, it’s been a blast, but goodbye.”

I didn't believe her. I wrote her once.  She did not write back.


michelle said...

Aaah, no... at least you tried...
Maybe she had been there one too many times?
I have read somewhere (can't remember where...), that certain friendships are there for a season only...

Anonymous said...

That's pretty harsh, she must've learnt a hard lesson at some point to be so real so young.