Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Friday Flights of Fancy

Day 6 of Blogging from A to Z, and Today's letter is  F 

Coincidentally enough it’s Friday, so let’s make it F is for Friday Flights of Fancy.

Friday is like Spring for me – a gateway to a long weekend as I don’t work on Monday.  So, every Friday my mind takes flight and fancies all I can do with three glorious days ahead of me to fill as I will as the only taskmaster I’ll have is me, myself and I.   

But I am often a bit of a sluff.  I’m more about pleasure than getting another query done, or finishing that e-book to submit to Booklocker, or getting my slides together for a photography showing. 

And those are but a few of the projects that languish in varying stages of completion or incompletion depending on how you view the glass or donut.  Half full or donut or the hole.

Since it’s Easter weekend and the family is gathering as I type, I’ll have the perfect excuse for all I don’t get done.

Yes Scarlett, I too will think about it tomorrow, after all tomorrow is another day.

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