Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Undaunted Urban Urchin (haiku)

Day 24 of Blogging from A to Z. 
Today's letter is U.

Undaunted urban
urchin cloaked in velvet night
moon's light exposes.


Arlee Bird said...

Interesting word image. What is the "urban urchin." Congratulations on making it through the alphabet.
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Dino said...

I've no idea what an urban urchin is but I'm glad the moonlight exposes him. I feel like I can sleep safely in that knowledge!


Perle said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier and leaving comment/question on the 'urban urchin.
Haiku is an interesting form to experiment with for making statements with tight constraints.

To your question. urban - of the city, urchin - mischievous youth. Although mischievous is a mild word for some of the trouble caused by America's modern youth out unsupervised long after dark.

michelle said...

I love the sense of mischief and mystery in these words...