Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feasting with family and friends

Easter, Passover, Sabbats Oestra or  Eostre, the spring equinox - however you celebrate this time, I’m sure food plays a central part. 

Be it feast or fast, we celebrate or mark the passage with food whether its abundance or its parcity.

Lent’s hallmark is the foregoing of certain foods.  Then comes the ritual feast to break the fast, and we gather at table and share bread and wine and more. 

The food is a minor player – symbolic.  It is the ritual gathering, the human contact that is important.  It’s a need in all beings, and food is just the vehicle or excuse if you will.  Beyond the need for food as sustenance, gathering at table is a ritual that binds us one to another and feeds a need deeper than that for food.

On this Easter we gathered.  I broke Lenten fast and feasted with family, friends, and two of the most generous and gracious hosts I know: Jo Ann and Ricky Shahid.

Blessed be.

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Sandra Tyler said...

nicely put. And love that photo!