Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Center, Core, Crux

Day 3 of Blogging from A to Z - Today's Letter is C

It is not just the yogi and yogin who seek their Center, we are all seekers.  

The purpose of life on earth is to find that center or core, that very crux or beginning, who we are beyond this body of flesh, blood and bone.

We may never find it until we leave this carnal life and return to the universe that birthed our soul.  That soul, whose free chose to be this flesh, blood and bone just wants to go home thus is ever seeking its center, its core, its crux.

The wheel turns.

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Francene said...

Love the message in this one, Pearle. I went back and commented on 'A' as well. I'd love to think every soul is progressing and we come to this life to learn more towards perfection. I want to reach my crux. Just when I think I've conquered some fault, another rises to replace it. Sigh.